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Creating the Perfect Soundtrack for Your Wedding

It’s your wedding day. You are full of anticipation and excitement. The culmination of your dreams and vision are now happening over the next five hours. Your dress, the flowers, food and even your chair covers have been selected to reflect your style and personality. Your music should do the same. The music on your wedding day should reflect who you are. We all have very different taste in music. Your guest may not like what you like and you may not be a fan of the music that they like. So how do we find that balance? How do you make everyone happy? The simple answer is that you can’t. You can however, find a balance.

When I pose the question to couples “what type of celebration are you looking for?” most will reply “Fun!!! With lots of dancing”. That is very easy to do with an experience and truly professional DJ. A skilled DJ will know what songs to play and when to play them. It is the above average DJ that will know how to match songs that will motivate your guest to get on the dance floor with your personal favorites. That is how we find that balance between the songs you like and the songs that your guest will dance and sing along to.

Some of your favorite songs might not be “mainstream” and people may not react to them. Have no fear. These songs can be played during cocktails and during dinner. Again, it is about you and your wedding day reflecting who you are. So play that indie song that you like while sipping a refreshing cocktail and enjoying that delicious entrée. You get to hear your favorite songs on the most special day of your life. Remember, your playlist is the “Soundtrack” for your wedding.

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